Friday, July 3, 2009


In my absence from this blog (unforgivable, I know) I seem to have accrued some followers!! Welcome, dear followers. Allow me to lead you to wonderous places, as I'm sure you expect to experince in ways that only you unique minds can. With a special blend of spices and literary aromas for the mind, I plan to tingle your senses in ways that only I, as your faithful leader of sorts and you as my followers can truely appriciate.
Pardon any typos--my left hand is out of commision for the next month, but never fear! for I am here. Enough about me though--all this self-centerism is making me sick.

A quick haiku:

Aviva is here!
A jouyous occasion, yes!
Let's have a party!

Sorry gotta go, bye!

Monday, June 22, 2009

a limerick

having been inspired by my dear friend angela, i decided to write a limerick:

There once was a witchy old woman,
who only drank whiskey or bourbon.
For dinner she'd eat
cat's legs or frogs' feet,
and wash them down with tons of cumin.


There once was a stork named McGee.
His one dream in life was to be
the pimpin'est stork
who ever did walk
but too tied up with carrying babies was he (to do that)

ha! more quality poetry to come


Hello, dear friends and unknown various people who hopefully stumble across my pockets full of mumbles. The name, as you may know, comes from a Simon & Garfunkle song...but who really cares. It's not relevant. The point is, I'm going to write stuff, and you can read it. Let's call that a manifesto of sorts. It's a lot shorter than the Communist manifesto and probably pretty much any other manifesto that's ever been written, since it's pretty much devoid of clauses and annonated points and what not, and I don't even have a slogan for my masses of supporters to rally around--but this is it. The only letter of introduction I will ever write.